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gerador de O2medicinal OGS-20

Gerador de O2 (pureza 93%), para hospitais veterinários e clínicas com uso intensivo de O2. Com pressão =ou>a 5bar assegura um fluxo de 9LPM, ideal para qualquer anestesia volátil com ventilador para respiração assistida. Assistência Técnica Qualificada.

( OGSI )
€5 .000,00 (Incluindo 0 % IVA)

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Eliminate Dependence on Delivered  Liquid or Cylinder Oxygen

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Veterinary Medicine

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a relatively new method that veterinarians are using today to treat wounded or chronically ill animals. This exciting treatment accelerates normal post-operative healing and increases the benefits of many antibiotics by improving their tissue penetration.

  Veterinarians Examine Puppy 

Lower Your Clinic’s Operating Costs

Eliminate the expense of purchasing, receiving, and monitoring your clinic’s oxygen supply.

OGSI designs, builds and commissions turn-key medical PSA systems world-wide. Our equipment is fully automatic, easy-to-maintain, and produces a continuous flow of medical grade oxygen. Join the growing number clinics that have ended their expensive reliance on delivered liquid and compressed oxygen.


Economical and Easy

A modest capital investment in an OGSI oxygen generating system can result in up to an 80% reduction in a clinic’s oxygen cost.

Most OGSI systems average only 3.5kilowatts of electricity per 100 cubic feet of oxygen produced and can pay for themselves within six to twelve months. Generate oxygen onsite, and eliminate the cost of oxygen delivery as well as the danger of having liquid oxygen (LOX).


Our OGS-20 oxygen generator uses Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology (PSA) to deliver a constant flow of up to 20 SCFH (10 LPM) of medical grade oxygen at a pressure of up to 90 psi.



Every oxygen generator is assembled and tested in our New York State production facility.

The OGS-20’s internal air compressor, filtration system, zeolite sieve, storage tank and flow control system were designed for 24/7 operation.



From the tank assemblies, to the oxygen-clean brass tubing and valves, our oxygen generators are built to last. They even operate in the harsh environments of Africa, Asia, South America and the Yukon.



Oxygen is free! Eliminate the unnecessary costs of transportation, storage, and cylinder rental. !e OGS-20 uses less than 1 kW of electricity to deliver up to 20 ft3 of oxygen per hour. Simple to Use and Maintain With a lighted ON/OFF switch, hours meter, custom flow gauges and controls, the OGS-20 is truly user-friendly. Just plug it in, turn it on then set the desired pressure and flow and you’re done.


Automatic Operation


Automatically starts and stops based on the need for oxygen and the pressure in the storage tank.



Typical Applications:

• Bioremediation

• Hyperbaric Oxygen #erapy Clinics

• Veterinary Clinics

• Water and Wastewater Treatment


Origem USA.


Oxygen Generating Systems Intl.