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ecógrafo veterinário CTS5500V

Excelente relação qualidade/preço. Equipamento de qualidade PREMIUM. Sondas de 96 elementos, multifrequência (5 frequencias). O preço inclui 2 sondas à escoha (microconvexa, convexa, linear, ou linear rectal). Assistência Técnica Qualificada.

( SIUI )
€5 .990,00 (Incluindo 0 % IVA)

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  • 10-inch non-interlaced monitor
  • Large capacity image storage
  • Dual-probe connectors
  • User-defined function key
  • Large quantity of body mark
  • Five-frequency probes
  • User defined function key
    The user can assign a frequency-used function (e.g. BPD) on certain key (e.g. F1) so as to address veterinary’s preferential demands.
  • Up to 256 frames cineloop playback 
  • Flexible storage media option
  • Storage Media:
  •    Hard disk
  •    USB disk
  •    and DICOM. 
  • Storage formats: BMP, JPG, AVI and CIN.
  • Complete reproductive measurement software: Equine, bovine, ovine, canine, feline and primate.





Product main features on CTS5500V

• Digital Imaging Technology

• Broadband Multi-frequency Probe
• Digital Image Storage
• Abundant Application Software
• 10-inch High Resolution Monitor


• 10-inch non-interlace monitor
• 255 frames non-volatile image store capacity
• 2 probe connectors
• 1 USB port
• 2 multifrequency (5 frequencies) veterinary aplication probes at customer's choice

Modern High-Tech Dedicated Medical Veterinary Probes:


• Rectal probe L5F56V (3.5/4.0/5.0/6.0/7.5MHz)
• Linear rectal probe L7F50V (5.0/6.0/7.5/8.5/10.0MHz)
• Convex probe C3F40/R40 (2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0/5.0MHz)
• Microconvex probe C5F20/R20 (3.5/4.0/5.0/6.0/7.5MHz)
• Biopsy guide for convex or linear probe

CTS5500V is a new portable ultrasound imaging system, which can be widely applied to various vet diagnosis. It has non-volatile storage capacity and abundant veterinary measurement and calculation package. With superb image quality and stable performance, it surely will brings you a fresh and new experience in ultrasound exam.

Images can be transferred to PC through RS-232C interface to save and process in JPG, BMP or TIF format, enabling exchange of medical images between medical devices on a network, easy to store and print out.


BPD (Biparental Diameter) GSD (Gestational Sac Diameter) HD (Head Diameter)
BD (Body Diameter) CRL (Crown-Pump Length) BD (Body Diameter)
CRL (Crown-Pump Length) HD (Head Diameter) Vol-B (Volume)
TD (Trunk Diameter) BD (Body Diameter)  
Vol-B (Volume) Vol-B (Volume)  
Angle (Angle) Angle (Angle)  
BPD (Biparental Diameter) BPD (Biparental Diameter)  
USD (Umbilicus to Spine Diameter) GSD (Gestational Sac Diameter)  
CRL (Crown-Pump Length) Vol-B (Volume)  
TD (Trunk Diameter) Angle (Angle)  
Vol-B (Volume)    
Angle (Angle)    




  • .- PREMIUM quality medical class
  • .- Exceptional image (10" screen)
  • .- High-Density 5-Frequency Probes
  • .- Veterinary software package
  • .- Equine / Bovine / Canine / Feline calculations
  • .- Robust 256-frame Cineloop
  • .- Selective Range TGC Gain Sliders
  • .- USB Drive for transfering images to computer
  • .- Lightweight portable design
  • .- 24-month Warranty at any authorized European dealer with qualified service centre

The Fully-Digital CTS5500V ... Our Potencial Best-Selling Ultrasound

The CTS5500V Ultrasound from SIUI, with its wide-range of available probes and built-in calculation packages, has become our best-selling portable ultrasound across multiple veterinary clinic applications.


Now built upon an extremely solid UNIX software platform embedded, the CTS5500V is now even better and reliable.


The CTS5500V also now boasts an excellent array of image-management functions, enabling you to not only make all of your measurements and annotations quickly and efficiently, but also allowing you to save images internally or externally (to a USB thumb drive), in a variety of file formats (including the popular .jpg format for saving your captured and annotated images, and even the .avi format for saving your entire cineloop as a video file!).

CTS-5500 on Cart

High-Resolution Image

What contributes most to the image quality on the CTS5500V


  1. Fully-digital imaging.
  2. High-resolution 10" screen.
  3. High-density multi-frequency transducers.
  4. TGC Gain Sliders.
  5. Cineloop (256 frames).
  6. IP One-Key Optimization.
  7. HDI Live Zoom.