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LED50.000Lux (troley)

pantOff para cirurgia, 50.000lux@1mt, disponibiliza um campo de trabalho de 120mm@1mt de distãncia. Em TROLEY com rodas. Braços articulados. Luz fria, branca, qualidade RAL médica, 5 focos LED. Fabrico CE. Assistência Técnica Qualificada.

( Manufacturer )
€1 .320,00 (Incluindo 0 % IVA)

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LED surgical theatre lightning -small and medium surgery

The new range of LED lightning is cold light, cradle in technology of diodes LED.

It is indicated for any medical specialty, but mainly in places where a total absence of calorific radiation is required, conserving very good quality of light..  It is possible to emphasize the long life of the practically limitless LED, as well as his under power consumption less than 10W.Their design and robustness, make it versatile for all type of use in clinics, hospitals and consultations. Thanks to their different versions, rollerable base , of wall, or ceiling, this model can adapt to any area of work. Its mobility is very ample, thanks to flex of high quality and reliability, and to the lozenge next to the cupola, being able to adapt to a infinity of positions.


Specification Sheet
  • Voltage:  240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Power:   50W
  • Light Source:  5x LED
  • Luminous angle:   10º
  • Lifetime:  50.000 h
  • Luminous intensity@100 cm: 50.000 lx
  • Luminous intensity to 50 cm:    75.000 lx
  • Color temperature:   4.750 ºK
  • Light field Ø :   120 mm
  • Increase temperature in work field: 0º C



  • LR :  Troley
  • LT:   Ceiling
  • LP:   Wal


Fabrico CE.