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central nitrogénio líquido LNP60

Central produtora de azoto líquido (pureza médica). Várias opções de produção em função das necessidades, desde 10 a 120lts/dia. Certificação CE e fabrico ISO. Assistência Técnica Qualificada. Origem USA. Preços expostos sujeitos a erro.

( Cryomech )
€50 .000,00 (Incluindo 0 % IVA)

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Three years or 8,000 hours (whichever comes first) on parts and materials.



Routine maintenance can be performed by local technicians. Cryomech offers a 1 day course for training for all customers at Cryomech in Syracuse, New York with the purchase of the system. Standard systems are supplied with the spare components for 1 year of continuous operation.

Production Rate: Produces 20 liters of liquid nitrogen per day

Dewar Size: 100 liters (26 gal)

Cooling Air or Water


Electrical Configurations
 200 VAC; 1 Phase; 50 Hertz


Available Options

Air compressors for high elevation
Higher purity nitrogen generation
Systems to interface with customer supplied Gaseous Nitrogen



All Cryomech LNPs work with exactly the same group of components:


Filter Bank Assembly:

There needs to be a supply of nitrogen gas. Nitrogen makes up 78% of the air we breathe and this assembly separates it from the rest of air's components, cleaning a 98% pure nitrogen supply for liquefation. The membrane technology utilized in our nitrogen generator has no moving parts and is easy and affordable to maintain.


Dewar Assembly:

The dewar assembly of a Cryomech Liquid Nitrogen Plant is made of highly reliable stainless steel and functions not just as a vessel when producing liquid nitrogen, but stores a three day production capacity as well. The dewar assembly includes a nitrogen regulator, level indicator and vacuum jacketed extraction line.



The Cryomech cryorefrigerator consists of a cold head, helium compressor package and a pair of stainless steel flexible helium lines. The cold head is mounted into the top of the dewar. The cold head extends down into the neck of the dewar for the purpose of cooling the nitrogen entering the dewar to 77K (-196ºC). The nitrogen gas liquefies on contact with the cold head heat exchanger. The liquefied nitrogen drips off the heat exchanger down into the LN2 inside the dewar. This process would typically lower the pressure inside the dewar, but the regulator allows more nitrogen gas to enter the dewar to maintain the pressure at the preset level. The flow rate of the nitrogen gas into the dewar is controlled by the rate of liquefaction inside the dewar. Therefore, if the cryorefrigerator is turned off by the level indicator, the liquefication stops and the flow of nitrogen into the dewar stops.


Air Compressor (Optional):

All Cryomech Liquid Nitrogen Plants require compressed to produce gaseous nitrogen. Cryomech can supply an air compressor to operate with any of our Liquid Nitrogen Plants. The air compressor we supply is a pressure-lubricated, two-stage model designed for continuous operation. If the air compressor is supplied by Cryomech, all fittings and tubing needed to connect the air compressor to the Liquid Nitrogen Plant are included with the shipment. The spare parts kit will also include enough oil, oil filters and air filters for the first year's general maintenance. Any air compressor used for such an application will require preventative maintenance.


Air Dryer (Optional):

For high humidity environments, Cryomech recommends that the customer purchase a refrigerated air dryer to place on the intake side of the air compressor to reduce the moisture entering the compressed air stream. This will not only add to the life of the air compressor, but will reduce the strain placed on the filter bank.

Cryomech, Inc. extends a warranty on all parts and workmanship for three years or 8,000 hours, whichever comes first, after satisfactory installation, provided the owner (operator) operates the equipment according to the specifications and operating procedures set forth by Cryomech.