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BEST-SELLER Hematologia veterinária (5 diff). Consumíveis Originais Assistência Técnica Qualificada pela DREW.SCIENTIFIC.(USA). PERGUNTE-NOS SOBRE ALGUMA PROMOÇÃO EM CURSO

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• 24 reportable CBC parameters including platelets and full 5 part differential

• Just 20μL sample volume required using direct primary tube sampling with auto probe wipe

• Two minute cycle time for fast result reporting

• Use of optimized convenient-to-use reagents gives cost effective operation for low or high volume users

• Multi-Species Quality Controls available to enable Good Lab Practice

• CBC's on up to six species at the press of a button through use of species specific keys

• Species specific normal ranges on printout for easy identification of abnormal samples

• Sophisticated flagging of abnormal results to give diagnostic assistance

• A variety of system choices to suit everyone from the start-up vet clinic to advanced research applications


Veterinary 5 part WBC Hematology System



HEMAVET® analyzers have been setting the standard for veterinary hematology CBCs for over 10 years The HEMAVET® 950 takes that pedigree and improves it even further, offering automatic, primary tube sampling with probe-wipe.


The History

The HEMAVET® range was the first system to be specifically designed for Veterinary Hematology applications. There have been thousands of units placed around the world, used in every type of situation from the companion animal vet office to the largest research labs. The HEMAVET® systems use specialized design and patented technology to give an edge over any other system on the market today.

HEMAVET® systems have also been providing a quality complete 5 population white blood cell differential since 1995 (so we know it works!).


The Technology

The HEMAVET® provides superior cell separation for accurate and precise analysis through use of patented Focused Flow Technology (eleven patents issued) thus giving the best technology available for dealing with veterinary samples. In addition patented Expectation Maximization software helps categorize the different types of cells. All this combines to give exceptional performance and broad linearity for all types of animals. The HEMAVET® can handle everything from Pygmy Goats to Beluga Whales!



The HEMAVET® is widely used in research establishments. There are two options available, the HEMAVET® 950 FS and the HEMAVET® 1700.

See instrument specifications for more information.


HEMAVET® Specifications


Instrument & Species Option

Each HEMAVET® instrument is custom built to your own requirements. When ordering you need to specify which instrument type you want and which Pre Programmed Species you select for your  instrument. The list of available species, depends on which model you choose.



This is the entry level model and is designed for users running lower numbers of samples. The unit comes as standard with two pre-selected species from: Cat, Cow, Dog, Horse, Pig, Rabbit, Sheep.



This model is ideal for the vet running higher numbers of samples.The unit comes as standard with two preselected species from: Calf, Cat, Cow, Dog, Ferret1, Foal1Goat1, Guinea Pig, Horse, Pig, Rabbit, Sheep.



This model is designed for the reference vet facility or research customer. In addition to the species offered on the 950 (See above), the HEMAVET® 950FS offers: Camel1, Deer1, Elephant, Elk, HFRO

(Human - for research only)2, Llama1Monkey, Mouse, Rat.


All the HEMAVET® systems come with OTHER1 key, which can be used for measuring samples from species not selected on your chosen instrument.


Sample type/handling: Automatic, primary tube sampling with probe-wipe from EDTA whole blood.

Sample volume: 20 μL whole blood.

Sample cycle: 2 minutes.

Data Input: Touch Keypad with up to six dedicated Species Keys and one 'OTHER' key.

LCD display.

Data Output: Customized report (A4) with exclusive 3-D cytograms of WBC subpopulations, RBCs, PLTs plus additional flagging for NRBC#, NRBC%.

RS232 port for external computer interface.

Data Storage: Optional 50 results on board.

Parameters: WBC, NE#, NE%, LY#, LY%, MO#, MO%, EO#, EO%, BA#, BA%, RBC, Hb, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, Platelet Count, MPV, Reticulocytes#3, Reticulocytes%3NRBC#3, NRBC%3.

Flagging: Automatic distribution and morphological flagging.

Hematologic abnormality charts indicating Mild, Moderate and Severe conditions.

1. On this species, the leucocyte parameter reports total WBC only and does not provide a WBC differential

2. Available on this instrument for an additional charge

3. Reticulocytes presence flagged on dogs only.

Reticulocytes not detected on other species



For customers requiring a wider selection of species than the six offered on the HEMAVET® 950 models, Drew offers the HEMAVET® 1700. Custom designed to fit Laboratory needs, it runs up to 65 Species. Instrument programmability allows users to develop methods for species not currently under our development list.

*Extended MCV linearity range (10 to 600 fL) available for Exotic Species Packages, eg Goat, Llama



Part Code Description



CDC-9950-004 HEMAVET® 950LV (220V)

CDC-9950-002 HEMAVET® 950 (220V)

CDC-9950-005 HEMAVET® 950FS (220V)

CDC-9950-006 HEMAVET® 1700 (220V)



200106 FS-PAK Reagent Pack

200108 LV-PAK Reagent Pack

610500 Probe-Clenz (1x30mL bottle)



018-0001-004 Rock 'n Roller Mixer (4 roller)


Part Code Description



600063 MULTI-TROL Controls Horse (7x2mL vials)

600064 MULTI-TROL Controls Cat (7x2mL vials)

600065 MULTI-TROL Controls Mouse (7x2mL vials)

600066 MULTI-TROL Controls Dog (7x2mL vials)

600067 MULTI-TROL Controls Dog/Cat (7x2mL vials)

600068 MULTI-TROL Controls Dog (3x2mL vials)

600069 MULTI-TROL Controls Cat (3x2mL vials)

600070 MULTI-TROL Controls Mouse (3x2mL vials)

600071 MULTI-TROL Controls Horse (3x2mL vials)


Parameter Precision (Level x Units, CV ) Linearity (Range Units) 

WBC 10.0 x 103 cells/μL, < 3.0% 0.1 to 200.0 x 103 cells/μL 

RBC 7.0 x 106 cells/μL, < 3.0% 0.01 to 20.0 x 106 cells/μL 

Hb 14 g/dL, < 2.0 % 0.1 to 35 g/dL 

MCV 60 fL, < 1.0 % 30 to 300 fL

Platelets 500 x 103 cells/μL, < 5.0 % 1 to 4000 x 103 cells/μL

Neutrophils 6.0 x 103 cells/μL, < 6.0 % 0.1 to 99.9%

Lymphocytes 6.0 x 103 cells/μL, < 6.0 % 0.1 to 99.9%

Eosinophils 2.0 x 103 cells/μL, < 12.0 0.1 to 99.9%