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Centrifugadora laboratorial de mesa, combinada, de superior qualidade e robustez, para sedimentos e microhematócrito. Origem USA. Assistência Técnica Qualificada

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Combo V24


Combo centrifuge box, with variable speed dial, timer, and brake


•Spin Hematocrit or Test Tubes

•Easy-Change Rotors


Accomplish both test tube and microhematocrit separations with the new Combo centrifuge. Simply choose a box (with or without a digital tachometer) and choose your rotors. The Combo spins either test tubes, capillary tubes or microtubes by simply changing rotors — no tools required! Achieve hematocrit separations in less than five minutes at 12,000 rpm; then accurately determine results with the included reader disc. Other features include variable speed control, 30-minute timer, rubber feet, and all-metal body construction.




One sole unit for all centrifuge needs

Fast spin, fast stop, fast read

Variable speed

Optional tachometer

Quiet vibration-free operation





Suction-cupped feet to prevent slipping

Impact-resistant safe-view lid

All-metal body construction

Cooling fan for motor compartment

Heavy duty high-speed motor

Safety shut off switch in lid

Locking lid

Wide mouth for easy clean-up




12,000 rpm on high speed setting, RCF=14,800g

0-4,000 rpm variable on low speed setting,






Illuminated power switch

Electric brake for quick stop

High/low speed setting switch

Auto-off 30 minute timer with bell

Variable speed control



Spin standard 75mm capillary tubes with the 24-place microhematocrit rotor. Results can be read directly from the rotor with the included reader disk.



The 24-place microtube rotor holds 1.5 to 2 ml sized tubes. altor



The 12-place test-tube rotor holds 3ml-15ml sized tubes with included tube shields and inserts for smaller tubes. alt     or




The 24-place test-tube rotor holds 15ml sized tubes with included tube shields and inserts for smaller tubes. altalt





Height: 277 mm, Length: 432 mmWidth: 355 mm

Weight: 14.2kg


Origem: USA

Fabricante: L W Scientific.