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monitor GT9003vet

( Regitron OEM )
€1 .450,00 (Incluindo 0 % IVA)

Tem Dúvidas Sobre Este Produto

1)6.4 inch high resolution TFT display;
2)Exquisite contour, portable design; Adopt disassemble Li-ion battery, quite light;
3)Five user interface could selected,
4)Easy to operate, plenty help information;
5)Full digital monitoring;
6)OXY-CRG analysis;
7)72 hours trend storage; 1200 group NIBP data storage; 120 group alarm storage;
8)Record alarm automatically and record two related waveforms at same time;
9)Record parameter every five seconds;
10)Support voltage takeoff storage;
11)Sound and light alarm at same time;
12)Support pacemaker analysis function;
13)Rechargeable Li-ion battery, work 2 hours after sufficient electricity;
14)Adapt to adult, pediatric and neonatal for bedside monitoring;
15)Could connect to central monitoring system